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What Cat Tree Experts Don't Want You To Know

What Cat Tree Experts Don't Want You To Know

If you’re thinking of becoming a cat parent, you must be looking for all the prerequisites to give the comfiest home to your cat. Right? And in that quest, the advice of buying a cat tree, followed by all its benefits, is something you must have heard many times, which sounds pretty convincing also. And now that you’re convinced to buy one, what are the factors you need to consider while making this purchase decision? 

We have listed some factors about the cat trees people often do not discuss, which you must know. Let's have a look. 

1. The Right Type

First, let’s talk about the type. Generally categorized into three, cat trees are wall-mounted, hanging, and freestanding. Based on the availability of space at your place and the age of your cat, you can decide on one of them. 

  • Hanging- Hanging cat trees are generally preferred in houses with less ground space. It doesn’t make the room look cluttered or stuffed. Also, it provides an excellent place for your cat to look at their territory without roaming.  
  • Freestanding- A most typical type of cat tree is freestanding. It comes with various features like condo, perches, scratching tower, lookout cat tower, etc. Based on your cat's activities, you should buy freestanding cat trees. For example, if your feline fellow is more into resting and likes mostly indoors, you can go for a cat tree house with a condo. And if your cat is more active and is into making trouble for you every now and then, you can go for cat trees with all the above-mentioned features to keep them engaged, happy and curious about things.    
Cat Door Hanging Climber Bed

  • Wall Mounted- if your cat loves climbing and leaping, a wall-mounted cat tree is perfect. It is primarily preferred in small homes as it takes less space. It gives high perch to your cat to climb and leap and keep eyes on everything happening around them. The best part is you place them at the spot that suits your convenience without giving up on your ground space. 

2. The Right Size

The size is an essential factor to consider when buying a cat tree.
  • The Height- As creatures who like to have their privacy undisturbed, cats like high places to rest and sleep. Also, the height makes them feel safer in case they share the house with other animals or kids. However, a lower model of the cat tree is mostly preferred for young kittens and old cats. And the best among all is the cat tree house that can be built higher later if the need arises.  
  • The Width- In size, the next factor is width. Though wide cat trees take up more floor space, they are usually advised to be bought for houses with more than one cat. These cat trees come with features like a tunnel and large perches to increase the playtime of cats on the cat trees and decrease the trouble-making time around the house. And broad perches offer your cat a comfy space to have a good stretch after a peaceful nap or may to have a come-over party with their friends.

3. The Material

Everything around us faces wear and tear of time and usage. And something like a cat tree that our clawed friends use faces abrasion more often than not. As it will come into contact with our cute fluffy friends’ fur and claws, ensuring the material survives the nails without being harsh on the fur is essential. Let's look at some of the materials that cat trees are covered mainly by. 

  • Sisal Rope- Ropes are an excellent material for a cat tree to be covered with. It helps keep the growth of nails in check and shows very few signs of wear and tear. The ropes are by far the most durable and claw-friendly material. The only thing not so good about these ropes is a bit of a harsh feel on the touch that may affect the fur every time the cat rubs itself by it. Hence cat trees with ropes in the scratching tower only are more of a good choice. 
5-Level Cat Tree Tower Scratcher Furniture

  • Carpet- with a softer feel on touch, carpet/fabrics are the options that cat parents are usually found attracted to. Carpet offers wood hold for claws to help the cats climb and leap without being harsh on the fur of our furry fella. Cat trees with perches, resting spots, and condos covered with carpet give a comfy soft place for our cats to sleep like a log whenever they want. However, the only downside is for you as a caregiver as cleaning these carpets is a challenging task.     
  • Wood- Though all the cat trees are made of wood, here, wood as a material is listed, for there are some cat trees that come without any covering- exposed wooden cat trees. These are easy to clean, durable, and sturdy, so it easily stands the test of time and claws. 

4. The Location

Your playful meow's likeness should also govern your decision to keep the cat tree at a particular spot. All you can do is decide where it shouldn’t be. And that’s near your furniture, especially the sofa

Cats often enjoy watching over people and their surroundings by sitting at their lookout spot. So, keeping the cat tree by the window can be a place your curious cat would enjoy the most. There they can enjoy the scenes outdoors and indoors at the same time. 

Now, with all the insightful information on the cat trees, you’re good to go and bring the cat tree your cat would love. And if you’re now thinking about where to go, let us help you with that. Visit Supermarcat for all the cat supplies you would need for your cat.

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