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5 Effective Ways To Teach Your Cat to Love its Carrier

5 Effective Ways To Teach Your Cat to Love its Carrier
Carriers and cats Nearly as well-known is their rivalry as that of cats and dogs. However, some cats and dogs get along, so why not carriers and cats? With that partnership, there is only one person to train, which is better.

Of course, you might be dubious if your cat freaks out at the first sign of a carrier being carried. However, we've discovered that training your cat to respect the carrier patiently is feasible!

Having a pet carrier available is part of taking your cat along on your trips and adventures, especially road trips. This is not only for your cat's safety but also for your convenience and to make your trip as easy and stress-free as possible.
However, not all cats can quickly adjust to being confined in a small area. This article will show five techniques for getting your cat used to its carrier.

Keep Them Young

This is perfect if you have a kitten. Follow the procedures listed below to assist them in creating positive associations with the carrier from the beginning if they are too young to establish negative ones. In this way, the carrier helps your kitten develop into a contented, well-adjusted adult cat. It will take more perseverance if your cat is older, but it will be worth it in the long run for drama-free episodes when you require the carrier.

Making the Carrier Known

This is the simplest thing you can do to help your cat feel less frightened in the carrier.

Consider it from their perspective: you most likely keep the carrier tucked away in a garage, a closet, or some other out-of-the-way place. Then, you drag your cat outside before taking it to the veterinarian. Cats, by nature, like to stay in their familiar surroundings and aren't massive travelers. It's understandable why they would be scared of going to the veterinarian's office and riding in a car in a box that only emerges when they have to travel.

But facing your fear is the best way to overcome it. The fear comes from what the carrier represents, not the airline itself. You can effectively defang it by allowing your cat to grow acquainted with the airline. Bring it out of hiding and place it in your living room (or another spot that Kitty likes). Cats can do the same thing many dogs do when they feel secure and linger around in their crates. If you incorporate the carrier into their daily lives, they may decide to use it (as Dash does when he's not busy napping on top, which is often).

Make Wholesome Connections

Has your cat developed a favorite treat? Place a few on the ground next to the carrier. Get them closer and closer till they are within it over time. Kitty will gradually start to regard the carrier as a regular part of their surroundings and start going in it to obtain the treats if they continue to behave normally. The idea is to acclimatize your cat to pleasant things occurring in the carrier. But take your time. Follow the cues provided by your cat.

Have Some Cat Fun Close to the Carrier

Playing with your cat and petting them close to the carrier will help to reinforce the pleasant connections. Your cat will feel better about it as he becomes accustomed to it being there and starts to link it with nice things. You can ease Kitty's adjustment by placing catnip inside the carrier if she enjoys it.


Cat Carriers

You can practice closing the door and giving goodies to demonstrate that it's okay to be in it after Kitty is comfortable with the best cat carrier being present and even entering it. Let Kitty go after that. You can pick up your cat and transport it across the room or around the home while your cat grows accustomed to being in a closed carrier on the floor.

Be Patient

Large Cat Carriers

Depending on your cat, the complete training/desensitization process could take days, weeks, or even months. It would help if you exercised patience because cats can be reluctant to accept new things.

Even the most resistant cats eventually learn to accept the carrier, and some even grow to enjoy it (like Ogre, the large cat on the right!). It will be much simpler for you and much healthier for Kitty if your cat enters a large cat carrier willingly or, at the very least, does not challenge you when it is essential. Kitty may be transported in safety anyplace you need to go, even to the veterinarian.

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