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5 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Cat Tree

5 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Cat Tree

Our cute fluffy feline friends are curious creatures. They are mostly found doing two things.  Either going on a mission involving some mischievous activity to satisfy their curiosity or on a trip to embrace their solitude majestically lying on their beds or cat trees. And whatever time is left between these two, they utilize it to be curious about their surroundings. 

It's pretty impossible to resist their cuteness and keep our hands off them while they enjoy themselves existing in our lives. However, keeping our eyes and hands off them while they go on the quest of creating trouble is also not possible. Sometimes, tackling their curiosity becomes a task.

But don’t worry; we are here to help you with that. Keeping them from doing something they aren’t supposed to do requires creating distractions. Distractions in which they stay engaged without getting bored. So, what do these distractions/ engaging things look like?

They look like cat trees with added elements of novelty, curiosity, and surprise. And how would you be able to create something like that is why we have created this blog post. let’s look at ways to grow your creativity using a cat tree.

1. Cat Tree with Condo
Cat Tree with Condo

Let’s create a space for our cats that they would love to explore. A separate condominium for them is something cats enjoy while resting on the cat trees. Buy this stylish cat tree with a condo to add an element of novelty to their cat trees. This lovely all-in-one spot is for your kitty to do all the things she loves. It has features like a condominium lined with soft fabric for lounging, different levels of perch for them to leap smoothly, and scratch towers to hone their expert hunting skills, etc.

2. Cat Tree with Scratcher Tower
Cat Tree with Scratcher Tower

How about a cat tree with the scratch bowl in a beautiful color combination? This modern
cat tree with a scratcher tower is all you need for your cat to release stress, express its emotions, and simply get its nails (claws) done. With an added feature like a cat bowl lined in comfy fabric for your little fella to enjoy lounging all day long.

3. Scratching Post with Toy

Scratching Post with Toy

To avoid troublesome encounters with your cat on strolling with an innocent thing minding its business, place an engaging scratching post near its favorite strolling area. Buy this intriguing scratching post with an attached dangling toy for your cat. These toys not only help you in keeping them engaged in batting these toys back and forth but also give them the thrill of hunting.  

4. Cat Tree with Multiple Features

Cat Tree with Multiple Features

Here is another modern cat tree with all the features to make your cat feel like it's in lounging heaven. This cat tree sports multiple features like different level perches, lookout towers, scratching towers, cat bowls, cat slides, etc. Made from premium quality wood, this cat tree is sturdy and durable. The fabric used for the swing and the resting spot is soft and comfy, perfect for your kitten to relax, play, and reign its territory. 

5. Cat Wheel Treadmill

Cat Wheel Treadmill

The classic wheel keeps your lovely cat engaged. These exercise wheels keep your cats active and healthy. It’s good for your kitten to get some workout, and adding it to the cat tree to keep them interested is a great idea. Giving them access to energetic companions like a cat wheel and making a play session part of their day. 

Is Your Home Fully Equipped For Your Cat?

Our cats are the reason for joy and inspiration in our life. These little friends restore that lovely grin we tend to lose amidst the hustle and bustle of our lives. The importance of unconditional love and the emotional support we get from them is beyond explanation. Receiving so much from them develops a sense of responsibility in us to give back to them. And the best way in which we can give back to them is to provide them with everything they need. Hence, making them feel at home as much as we do. Ultimately the impact of our care reflects in their behavior. 

Let’s make our pets feel at home in our homes with Supermarcat. A place where you’ll find everything or anything your lovely cat would need in all stages of life.

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