Cat Tree Essential? Why?

Cat Tree Essential? Why?

If you want to know whether a cat tree is a necessity for cats, you must start with the nature of cats. Cats are solitary hunting animals. In their behavior, all they have to do every day in addition to eating and drinking is climbing. Also, Cats are sensitive creature, they like to hiding in the box and climbing up tree or buildings. Cat Tree was invented and designed due to this character. The amounts of pet cats are increasing fast, that mean, cats will have to stay in the low room and space. That is why more and more cats become depressed and also the original intention of Macdonald invented the cat tree in 1916.

If your home is not wide laterally, a cat climbing tree is an excellent choice. A vertically extending toy, an artifact that combines play, claws, and naps, it can cure the boredom of cats at home.

The cat climbing tree increases the amount of exercise of the cat to a certain extent, thereby reducing the risk of diseases, such as cystitis; it can also reduce the stress of the cat because the environment is too boring.

Another point, the cat climbing tree will come with some parts for grinding claws, the cat can grind the claws on it, leaving the pheromone of the scent glands between the fingers, making the cat feel more secure.


So what should you pay attention to when buying a cat climbing frame?

  1. Stability. Some cat climbing frames are made of inferior hollow materials, which can easily cause the overall instability of the climbing frame. The subject's 10-pound cat bounces back and forth, which is a risk to safety.
  2. Structural design. The overall structure of the cat tree should be three-dimensional. Cats like the vertical space movement brought by climbing, which can bring a real climbing feeling.
  3. decorative function. For now, the cat climbing tree can be regarded as furniture, so after buying it, try to match it with your furniture, and it is also pleasing to look at.

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