Cat grass is a must-have for cats!

Cat grass is a must-have for cats

Some cat owners have doubts about cats eating grass and worry about problems with their cats. In fact, there is a certain basis for cats to eat grass.

Cats prefer to lick their fur, but the barbs on the cat's tongue can cause the cat to ingest a lot of fur by mistake. The formation of hairballs in the gut will reduce the cat's gastrointestinal function. The fiber contained in cat grass can promote intestinal peristalsis, aid digestion, prevent and relieve hairballs. 

In addition, regular eating cat grass can help cats relax and reduce stress. As pet cats, many cats have little or no opportunity to get close to nature. Planting some cat grass at home can not only beautify the environment, but also provide cats with some opportunities to get in touch with nature.

At the same time, cats eating cat grass can improve the oral environment and prevent and control oral diseases. At the same time, it can also supplement the corresponding vitamins and trace elements, and inhibit eosinophilic granulomas, oral ulcers, gingivitis, glossitis, etc..

However, it should be noted that since there are many kinds of wild grass outdoors, if the cat eats the wrong grass, it may cause allergies and gastrointestinal discomfort.  Therefore, it is recommended to buy cat grass produced by regular manufacturers.

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