ZEZE Lamb Shape Cat Bed Tree - Cat Nest



DESIGN CONCEPT – Cat Activity Center and Apartment, Sheep Shaped Cat Climbing Frame, combines multiple functions. Decorate the furniture, save space and create a fun living space.
PREFERRED MATERIAL – The export of lion cashmere fabric is used, the fluff is soft and delicate, and the appearance is suitable for home life. Internal PVC material, the inner pad can be taken out, which is convenient for cleaning and preventing bacteria from breeding.
MULTI-FUNCTION: a “little sheep” gathers cats Grinding claw Scratching live Jump platform various functions.
SAFE AND RESISTANT-The interior and opening are smooth and flat, and the cat does not scratch when playing. Choose high-quality sisal, good sisal does not hurt the nail is more resistant to catch.


Material: lion cashmere / sisal
Sheep-Shaped Cat Bed:66*40*52cm
Sheep-Shaped Cat Nest:50*42*70cm
Suitable for:
Sheep-Shaped Cat Bed:cats weighing less than 10kg
Sheep-Shaped Cat Nest: cats weighing less than 8kg

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