Vetreska Modern Cat Scratching Post


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A cat needs to scratch, scratch and scratch! And if not provided with a scratching post, your furry friend would destroy anything that comes in their way. From your sofas to the rug, cushions, and even the wooden furniture. Avoid this unfortunate event from happening and get your kitty this scratching tree that resembles an oasis cactus! This handmade cat scratching tree by Vetreska is made of 100% natural jute twine and is fully safe for your little pet. And it can handle the weight of an adult 7 kg cat! The modern cat tree has three different tall levels for scratching and climbing.

  • Made of high-quality PVC pipe with natural jute rope twined, strong and durable, which will release the cat’s instinct of scratching, and protect your furniture and walls at the same time
  • This lovely cat climber is just like a real tree for cats to scratch, climb, exercise and jump around. Don’t worry about your cats becoming too fat and this cat tree will be its indoor fitness club;
  • Designed to be simply assembled, you can finish this installation within a short time, easily create a wonderful playground for your cat.


  • Mini scracthing post: 80x37x37cm
  • Large scratching post: 105x45x45cm
  • Extra Large  scracthing post: 165x71.5x71.5cm

*This product is Big & Bulky and cannot be returned as Change of Mind

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