Funky Punk Round Pet Cooling Mat with Gel Resin


A cooling mat can be the perfect gift for your furry pet, especially if you live in a hot climatic region. This round cooling mat by Niangao can fit in easily anywhere, and there’s no need to refrigerate it or fill it with cold water. The gel resin technology of this pet mat provides an instant cooling sensation and long lasting comfort to cats and dogs. The mat can handle the weight of an adult pet up to 12.5 kg without flattening.

  • Employs hot-pressing process
  • Liquid cooling gelresin
  • No refrigeration/cool water required
  • Light-weight 
  • High resistance and waterproof 


Size: 560×600×50mm
Net Weight:2800g
Materials: PVC Fabric, Gel Resin, PP Cotton

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