Pidan Tissue Box Cat Scratcher


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We all know how much cats love tissue boxes. Hence, we have come up with a perfect solution to save your tissues from fur babies. Have a look at this unique and modern Cat Scratcher that comes in the form of a tissue box. The interior is hollowed out for a cat to hide and rest. With multiple entrances on three sides, this scratcher box can be a fun pass time toy for your fur baby too. Made of durable corrugated paper, this Pidan Cat Scratcher  – Tissue box is a perfect gift for your cat.

  • Material: Corrugated paper and  cardboard
  • Size: 45×35×30cm
  • Gross Weight: 580g
  • Durable
  • 20cm-diametre multiple entrances 
  • Safe to use

The package includes:
3 x hard cardboard.
1 x cat scratching board

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