Pidan Snow Mountain Split Open Cat Litter Tray with Litter Scoop


Made of premium propylene with IONPURE Japanese antibacterial technology, it’s a highly safe and reliable cat litter box. Inspired by snow-capped mountains, this snowy white open litter box offers a breathable design for the cat to do her business. It’s super easy to clean and lightweight to move around the house. Comes with a litter scoop, it’s easier to dump the litter mess. A well-fitted design prevents cat urine to leak at any cost. This modern cat litter box is just the right thing to litter train her if she feels suffocated in closed litter boxes.

  • Premium Propylene
  • Advanced Japanese antibacterial technology
  • Elegant and chic outlook
  • Split open design
  • Moderate capacity litter tray


Size: 45×45×30cm Net Weight: 1.52kg
Gross Weight: 2.62kg Materials: pp Resin

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