Pidan Snow House Igloo Cat Litter Box With Litter Scoop


With its state-of-the-art design, this seamless Inuit igloo cat litter tray offers sufficient space for the cat to the toilet. Made of ABS with advanced Japanese antibacterial technology, this cat litter box protects the fur baby against disease spread from cat poop. There’s no chance of litter escaping the box because of a long corridor design. The igloo basic ensures easier cleaning of the litter box. It arrives with an ergonomic shovel to sweep clean the litter without getting your hands into it.

  • Premium ABS
  • Elegant and superior design
  • Spacious from inside
  • Advanced antibacterial technology
  • Complimentary shovel
  • Easy to clean
  • Nordic and minimalistic


Size: 54.8×54.8×49.25cm Net Weight: 3.55kg
Gross Weight: 5.1kg Materials: ABS

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