Pidan Pet Dispenser Toy - Capsule - Pink



It is a “capsule” food toy healing a lonely pet.
It removes pet’s mental stress and aloneness when being alone.
It prevents and relieves separation anxiety when the owner is absent.
The application of high-quality ABS raw material makes the toy more endurable.

1. The product is not a teeth-grinding toy.
Please train your pet how to use it properly.
2. The whole product can be washed. To ensure the safety of your pet, when cleaning it with detergent, you should rinse it thoroughly to remove all the detergent, and use it after wipe or air it dry.
3. Do NOT place it at a high place to avoid falling damage.
4. The product is NOT suitable for environments such as a dishwasher or microwave oven.


Size 84×84×132mm Weight Net Weight:265g
Materials ABS, Counterweight iron

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