Pidan Elevated Dual Cat Bowls for Messy Eaters


We are all about evolving and being creative. This double bowl here is a testament to the statement. Made of high-quality ABS material with a glass-like texture, this ergonomically designed bowl will be a unique and revolutionary add-on to your collection. Elevated at 15 degrees, this prevents spine problems in the pets. The multipurpose double bowls allow you to feed multiple pets simultaneously or feed water and food in the same place. Isn’t that cool?

  • High-quality minimalist designed dual pet bowls sitting on an S-shaped stand.
  • The base is made with high-quality, durable, scratch-resistant ABS material (a type of thermoplastic polymer), safe and easy to use & clean.
  • The appropriate height with an inclined bowl helps the cat to feed and drink more comfortably, while also helping to improve digestion.
  • The anti-slip design keeps the bowl in place and prevents shifting around or spilling.
  • Ideal for families with multiple cats.
  • The bowls can easily remove from the stand to clean, so reduces bacterial growth.
  • Net weight:0.485kg

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