Pidan Wave Cat Scratcher - Refill Only


It is a simple, minimalistic and unique cat scratcher for your kitty that won’t take up much space but would fulfil all your cat’s scratching cravings! This wave cat scratcher replacement is for the Pidan Wave Cat Scratcher, which is an eco-friendly design. It could be the perfect solution to the nasty scratches on your furniture, sofas, floors, and rug. No matter how stubborn your little furry friend is, she won’t be able to ignore this irresistible scratching board. Since it’s made of premium quality corrugated paper, it’s highly durable and won’t get torn easily.

  • It is the refill for the product of Cat Scratcher wave
  • High-quality corrugated paper
  • Meets your cat’s nature
  • Eco-friendly design

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