Pidan Automatic Interactive Cat Toy with Rabbit & Carrot Shaped


A cute and entertaining ‘fishing’-style cat teaser toy that engages the cat instantly after you press the button. Comes with an adjustable spiral locking structure and a 65 cm long Nylon string, this cat teaser toy will give the best hunting experience to your fur baby. Imitative ‘fishing’ like function, this Pidan cat automatic toy engages the cat for good 8 minutes. Give your bored, dull, lazy or fearful cat a reason to exist by rousing her instinctive hunting powers no matter where you go!

  • Automatic Interactive cat teaser toy
  • Engaging and fun
  • Portable
Rabbit Shaped Cat Teaser Type: 94*78*168mm
Cumulonimbus Cloud Type: 111*55*171mm
Net Weight: Rabbit Shaped Cat Teaser Type: 122.5g
Cumulonimbus Cloud Type: 136.5g
Material: ABS (Rabbit Part, Cloud Part), PC (Base)
Crystal Velvet Fabric (Pendant)

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