Pidan Automatic Interactive Balloon Cat Toy


The funny, cute, humorous balloon design is simply eye-catching. Made of high-quality, eco-friendly ABS, the balloon vibrator cat toy is super-quiet in its operation. With a single click, the curled-up wire with a pompom yarn ball at the top vibrates to attract your cat’s attention. The vibrating wire can provide hours of playtime to your fur baby preventing her from developing separation anxiety when you are away. A perfect balloon teaser toy for hyperactive indoor cats who need to exhaust their pent up energies. Let that energy not turn to aggression but fun!

  • Eco-friendly ABS
  • One-click operation
  • Super-quiet motor
  • Engaging cat teaser toy
  • Prevent cat separation anxiety
  • Size: 18x11x6.5cm
  • Net Weight: 130g
  • Gross Weight: 312g
  • Material: ABS

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