Petkit Evertravel Cat Backpack


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We bet you won’t have seen a cool, stylish, and ergonomic pet backpack before. Made of strong and durable materials, this uber-cool backpack has a unique and ergonomic design that will allow your cat to roam the world with you. Generously spaced and properly ventilated with fresh air is what an ideal pet backpack like this one here contains. The Coanda effect and inbuilt LED light make it a convenient space for your cat to travel with you everywhere. Easy to use, compact-sized, and durable pet back is worth your time and money for sure.

Advanced fresh air system

The intelligent, fresh air system has a built-in temperature sensor, which can control the air automatically or adjust the air manually in three gears.

Dark brown window

The dark brown window allows your pet to enjoy the beautiful scenery and reduces external stimuli.

Pressure reduction system

The technical shock absorption backplate fits the back of the human body to reduce weight. The special mesh punching process maintains ventilation.

Large space for more comfort

Widened bottom area increases the space for pets to move inside the backpack. Specially designed metal-plated foot pads prevent falling when placing the backpack on the floor.


Material: ABS & Fabric
Size: 32x27x44.5cm
Capacity for up to 7kg cat

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