PETKIT Flyingfish Multi-Functional Cat Scratcher


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PETKIT Flyingfish Multi-Functional Cat Scratcher: sharpening claws, climbing, teasing, and other multiple games, selecting natural high-quality sisal with long-lasting scratching, stable solid wood base, easy installation, and anti-skid bottom. 

Multi-functional Fun
This is a one-stop-shop for your cat’s playful needs. With areas for scratching and fish they can bat around, this Cat Scratcher will keep your cat mentally stimulated.

Scratching Post
Woven rope on a carpeted stand gives your cat a lot of surface area to mend those claws.

Flicking Fish
Being attached to springs, your cat can bat away at those fish like they’re living prey!

Stable & Safe
The base is made from solid wood and is anti-slip so your cat can play without feeling unsafe.

Dimension: 30cm x 40cm x 42.5cm
Weight: 2.1kg
Material: Sisal, Chenille

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