Fruit Pattern Pet Cooling Mat with Gel Resin


Whether you own a cat or a dog with thick fur, know that your pet can get sick in a hot climate. The fur of cat and dog makes their bodies warmer than humans, hence they can’t handle the scorching summer heat. This pet cooling mat by Niangao can be the perfect way of keeping your dog in good health and happiness throughout the summers. While your pet relaxes, this cooling mat would provide a uniform cooling sensation with its gel resin.

  • Gel resin cooling mat
  • High-quality pet cooling mat
  • Uniform cooling sensation
  • Do not refrigerate
  • High resistance and waterproof


Small Size: 560×600×50mm
Small Size Weight:2800g

Medium Size: 660x760x50mm
Medium Size3750g 

Materials PVC Fabric, Gel Resin, PP Cotton

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