Giraffe Cat Climber House With Cat Scratching Post


Wrapped with chenille fabric for a cute, soft feel around the cat residing area. The giraffe print cat house climber's neck and legs are wrapped with alternate coloured pet-safe, chemical-free, Sisal rope to make a great scratcher post. The base is kept sturdy and flat, covered with plush soft fabric to let the cat play, rollover or sleep on it. The most adorable part is when the cat peaks out of the hole in the cat house to appear like riding a cheetah printed horse. Sounds funny, right? Place it at the balcony, indoor or outdoor. 

  • Soft chenille fabric
  • Beautiful giraffe print
  • Sisal rope scratcher
  • Chemical-free, pet-safe
  • pompom teaser toy
  • Fun Tunnel house
  • Size: 50x35x105cm

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