Pidan x Gudetama Triangle Cat Scratching Box


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Got a kitty? Is he/she damaging your precious furnishings with his/her sharp claws? Then this scratching board is just what you need! Unlike other common scratching posts, your kitty would not ignore this Pidan triangle-shaped scratching board. Why? Because it’s oh-so irresistible! It’s prevalent among cat parents and there are numerous reasons why, including its interesting design, comfy feel, and versatility. Your kitty can play in three different ways, plus hide, sleep, and purr on this scratching board!

  • Cat Scratcher triangle-shaped
  • Three different ways to play
  • Hide-and-seek scratch toy
  • Multifaceted scratching board
  • Size: 425×250×510mm
  • Net Weight: 1554g
  • Materials: Corrugated Paper

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