Wholesale Agreement

Supermarcat Wholesale Agreement


1.1 This agreement governs the terms and conditions of the sale of Supermarcat products from the Supplier to the Wholesaler.

1.2 This agreement is non-exclusive, and the Supplier reserves the right to sell the products to other wholesalers or through any other channels.


2.1 The Wholesaler agrees to sell Supermarcat products at a retail price that is not lower than the pricing available on the Supermarcat website.

2.2 Any intentions to sell the products at a discounted price for promotions or sales events need to be communicated and approved in writing by the Supplier prior to the event.

2.3 All orders are to be placed through the wholesale page at www.supermarcat.com. The prices listed on this page are wholesale prices.

2.4 The products available for order on the website reflect the actual stock on hand. If the Wholesaler wants to order a quantity that exceeds the available stock, the Wholesaler must send an email with the specific quantity to info@supermarcat.com.au to confirm the delivery date and delivery method.


3.1 Upon receiving an website order for in-stock items from the Wholesaler, the Supplier will prepare and dispatch the order within five business days. For orders that exceed available stock, specifics will be discussed and confirmed via email.

3.2 All shipping costs associated with the delivery of the order from the Supplier to the Wholesaler will be borne by the Wholesaler. Prices do not include shipping costs. 

3.3 Orders that exceed $500 will be eligible for free shipping. Orders that do not reach this threshold will not benefit from the wholesale price.

3.4 The Supplier will provide the Wholesaler with a tracking number for each dispatched order, which will enable the Wholesaler to track the delivery status of the order.

3.5 The risk of loss for the products passes to the Wholesaler upon delivery to the carrier by the Supplier. The Wholesaler is responsible for filing any claims with carriers for damaged or lost shipments.

3.6 The Supplier is not liable for any delay in delivery due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure events. The Wholesaler cannot make any claim in the event of a delay due to these circumstances.


4.1 The Supplier provides a warranty on its products in accordance with Australian Consumer Law. The Supplier is not liable for any warranties, conditions, or guarantees except those explicitly stated in this agreement.

4.2 Upon receipt of goods, the Wholesaler must inspect the products within 3 business days for any defects or discrepancies in quality and color. Any issues must be reported to the Supplier within this time frame.

4.3 Should a customer of the Wholesaler encounter issues with a product, including defects or other quality issues, the customer must provide evidence of the issue (such as photographs) and proof of purchase within 21 days of receiving the goods. The Supplier will then provide replacement parts or replace the entire product (dependent on the severity of the defect).


5.1 The Supplier reserves the right to terminate the supply of goods unilaterally at any time, without obligation to justify the decision. The Wholesaler will be notified in writing in the event of such termination.


6.1 By placing an order online, the Wholesaler is deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to all the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement. This constitutes acceptance of these terms and forms a legally binding contract between the Wholesaler and the Supplier.