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The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Cat Litter Boxes

The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Cat Litter Boxes

An exhilarating day it must have been when you brought home your new cat. Talking to them in cat language, making them feel secure in your arms, and what not you must have done to help them acclimate to the new environment. Keeping the required amount of patience in the initial days may feel like climbing mountains, but in the end, it is all worth it. When they start feeling at home, they reciprocate your feelings by rubbing themselves on you, making a purr sound, etc. 

Receiving love in return fills you with enthusiasm capable of making you cross the river for them. Though nothing of that sort needs to be done, all you have to do is to take care of their needs. Their basic needs involve you providing them with good quality food and water, setting a place for their leisure, and a litter box.   

Rest assured, selecting the right type of litter box sometimes becomes quite a task. We have listed the pros and cons of different kitty litter boxes to make the decision easy. Let's look. 

1. High Edge Cat Litter Box

high edge litter box

Provided with no hoods, an open litter box with plenty of room is the most basic design your cat can adjust to. Your cat can easily move inside the box without feeling trapped. It provides quick accessibility and easy entry and exit. Your cat would not have to explore much to do the job. This box comes with a set of mats. These mats can be placed in front of the box to prevent the spilling of cat litter outside. The litter stuck to the cat's paws gets collected on the mat that you can simply dispense back to the box. 

However, the open litter box doesn’t deal with the foul odor. You’ll have to clean the litter from time to time to prevent your home from stinking. In addition, the quick accessibility of this box becomes a disadvantage in case you have a dog or baby at home. Keeping this box out of a dog’ or baby’s reach is crucial.  

 2. Semi-Closed Litter Box

semi closed litter box

This semi-closed litter box comes with an inward boundary. It is still accessible. It provides the space inside with proper ventilation for your cat. It doesn’t let the fear of getting trapped take over your new cat, who is still adjusting to the new home This litter box is suitable for all kinds of litter. The open-top design and detachable upper part let you clean the clumps and stir the litter conveniently without letting litter spill around. 

Semi-close design litter boxes are unable to trap the odor. You’ll have to deal with litter daily to prevent the area around the litter box from smelling. 

3. Enclosed Litter Box

enclosed litter box

For a cat who loves its privacy while doing the secret job, an enclosed litter box is what you need to buy. Besides the privacy with full enclosure, the best thing about this design is that it effectively contains foul odor and saves the spaces around it from the peculiar smell. 

This enclosed litter box has a large sliding roof hood over the litter tray. The hood is provided with a ventilation filter and a toy in the shape of a leaf for your cats to chew or play with. The litter tray can be drawn out for conveniently scooping feces and cleaning the litter. Even after closing the hood completely, this box has a see-through area for your cat to feel safe and not trapped. Lemon shaped design of this litter box with a shovel and its holder on the side looks cute and exciting. 

The only bothersome thing about this enclosed litter box is that you’ll have to detach the hood every time to clean the litter. But that doesn’t sound like much work. Right!

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