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Making Your Cat's Dream House: The Ultimate Guide to Cat Tree Houses

Making Your Cat's Dream House: The Ultimate Guide to Cat Tree Houses

Your furry companion loves you. This very sentence makes you full of the joys of spring. And you try to provide everything they need and would want. Though ‘what women want’ can still spark a perpetual debate, ‘what cats want’ has pretty simple answers. 

Cats Are Connoisseurs Of Comfort.” – James Herriot.

Before buying anything for your cat, you need to consider your cat’s behavior. Some furry friends are more curious; they like to explore their surroundings and play when they aren’t sleeping or satiating their hunger for tasty treats. While others simply want to have all the time for their beauty sleep and watch the world go by while lying in their comfortable space. Based on their lifestyle, you need to decide which kind of cat tree, cat bedding, carriers, toys, etc., would suit their comfort.     

We have curated this ultimate buying guide for the dream house for your fuzzy ball of happiness. 

1. First, take into account how many cats you have.

broad base cat trees

Having more than one cat surely requires you to have a cat tree with a broad base than one with a narrow base and more height. As cat trees with a broad base best serve the need for more than one cat, they enjoy their time on these. These broad base cat trees have several features like multi-level platforms, cat towers, hideaways, condos, etc. Not only do these cat trees keep all your cats engaged, but they also provide room for them in case the furry battalion wants to have a sleep time at their personal condos all at once.     

2. Is your cat curious or enjoys minding its own business?

Cats are famous for being self-indulgent animals. Some like to keep a watch over people and their surroundings and to satisfy the curiosity of your lovely kitty, buy a multi-platform cat tree and keep it near a window or at a place from where it can easily vouch over people passing by. And for cats that keep their business to themselves, a cat tree with a condo is the best option to provide them with the privacy they prefer. 

3. Weight of your cat

sturdy and stable cat tree

Cats grow in no time. Your little kitty will start climbing and pouncing before you’ll realize it. The healthy growth of your lovely cat would require you to choose a sturdy and stable cat tree that can handle its weight while keeping it engaged, happy, and healthy. Cat trees are usually made from wood, cardboard, and fabric, which are covered with faux fur or other things for super comfort.

Not just the materials but the precision in the assembly also plays a significant role in the longevity of the cat trees.   

4. Do you have more than one pet?

 Floor-to-ceiling climbing cat tree

If this is the case, then your kitty must prefer a safe place away from others to have their personal space undisturbed. To keep up with their need, you should buy a cat tree with a platform to rest on at certain heights that others find hard to climb. Floor-to-ceiling climbing cat tree is all you need for your furry cat. The heightened platform will ensure that their privacy is kept undisturbed while they enjoy their time.   

It's All About Comfort

As the passionate cat lover that you are, we are sure you would never want to miss a single opportunity to see the cute face, calm and happy. To help them accomplish their mysterious missions, they usually seem to be on your need more than a cat tree. Keeping them happy needs you to cater to all their needs, from cat trees to cat bedding. It's all about comfort. Visit Supermarcat; we house a wide range of all the supplies you may need for your lovely happy cat. From super comfy bedding to highly engaging toys and everything in between.  

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