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Litter Box Hacks: Simple Solutions for a Cleaner and Odor-Free Home

Litter Box Hacks: Simple Solutions for a Cleaner and Odor-Free Home

Cats are the most adorable, intelligent, and mischievous creatures; you adore them even more if you are a cat owner. They are purr-fect companions, but sometimes the cat litter boxes generate a foul smell to make it unbearable. In that case, cleaning is necessary to eliminate unpleasant odors and make your cat happy. Like us, cats also like a clean and odorless home to thrive and relax. Therefore, we have come over with incredible hacks to keep your cat litter box clean and odor-free.

Simple Solutions for a Cleaner Cat Home

  • Remove Cat’s Waste Daily

    Large Foldable Cat Drawer Litter Box

One of the most effective ways to keep the litter box clean is by scooping out your cat’s landmines daily or twice daily. The unbearable scent is unsuitable for them because of their sensitive nostrils; they might develop breathing problems, so it’s best to clean it daily. 

You can try Large Foldable Cat Drawer Litter Box with a litter scoop to make your cleaning routine hassle-free. This foldable jumbo-size box is suitable for all cat breeds and provides a comfortable and spacious space for them to move freely. It has two doors, one at the top and another at the front, with a drawer that can be removed while cleaning. This cat litter box is designed with high sides that form an enclosed space that controls the spread of odor and spilling of litter, giving a relaxing experience for the cats and owners.

  • Clean the Litter Boxes with Baking Soda

Sometimes it becomes hard to remove the residues, and using chemical cleaners or bleach is unsuitable for your cats. Use baking soda by mixing a spoonful of lemon juice with water and transferring them to a spray bottle. For cleaning, spray some drops over the litter box, wait 10-20 minutes, and then wipe it with a paper towel. It will keep the boxes clean, and lemon will get rid of the unpleasant smell.

  • Prefer large-size litter boxes

     large-size litter boxes

Small-size boxes are not good for your pet’s overall health. Cats will feel congested and may hit their sides every time they move. This can create more mess if the litter box falls and spills the litter everywhere. Cleaning will also be difficult in these types of containers. To solve this problem, consider MANGO Open Oversized Splash-Proof Giant Cat Litter Box, a perfect replacement for small cat litter boxes. 

This box is specially designed for cat owners tired of cleaning scattered cat litter. It is made with high-quality material with a spacious interior to provide better comfort and is also suitable for large-size cats or multiple-cats households. It has a low entrance area, so small cats can easily jump in this litter box. Also available in three different colors to match your room decor.

  • Switch to Cozy Unique Litter Box for Big Cats

    Makesure Modern Cat Litter Box

Cat owners sometimes have a hard time finding the perfect home for their large-size pets, which is also convenient and easy to clean. Get Makesure Modern Cat Litter Box with a movable tray and scoop to keep your house clean, making it highly efficient.

It is specially designed for big-size cats to provide a minimalist design with maximum space. It has an inner filter as a separate corridor and a cozy, enclosed place to give your cat privacy. This litter box provides ultra-comfort and security and is also sturdy enough not to fall whenever your furr-bulous friends are in a joyful mood.

  • Replace the boxes from time to time

    Makesure Large Cat Litter Box Lite With Mat

Litter boxes accumulate scratches all over them from clawing after some time. In that scratched area, bacterias tend to develop, which is harmful to your cats. Make sure to replace these boxes once a year. Buy those boxes which are spacious enough and can be cleaned easily. This Makesure Large Cat Litter Box Lite With Mat has a scoop litter with a movable hook for hassle-free cleaning.

It is lightweight but extra wide for your pet to move around freely. Made from high-quality PP material, making it sturdy and long-lasting. These cat litter boxes are travel friendly, provide great comfort, and keep your place odor-free.

End Thoughts

Keep your home and litter box clean and free from any unpleasant smells by considering these specially designed, extra spacious, and clean-friendly litter boxes. They are economical and help in providing a perfect home for your cats. Remember to check SupermarCat for more cat-friendly essentials and accessories. They have a massive collection of toys, litter boxes, bowls, and carriers worth buying.

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