Decoding the Mystery: Why Is My Cat Peeing on the Bed?

Why is cat peeing on the bed

Finding yourself lying on sheets soaked in cat pee may be the one time you wake up in bed and wish you had a nightmare. But unfortunately, cat urine on mattresses is one of the dilemmas some pet owners face.
People often complain: "The cat always pees the bed for no reason; it feels like retaliatory peeing!" The cat often pees on the bed after I go out.

Don't think about cats so complicated, and this is just people thinking about cats with anthropomorphic thinking~ So what is the real reason your cat is peeing on the bed?

1. Health problems.
If your cat suddenly becomes peeing on the bed, the first thing to do is rule out possible health problems, especially urinary tract infections. Because any physical discomfort in the cat may reflect changes in behaviour, you can first go to the vet for a physical examination to investigate related diseases.

2. Occupying territory.
If cats in heat are not sterilized or operated on after they are in heat, under the action of sex hormones, they will be more excited and show some marking behaviours of occupying territory. 100% unneutered male cats and 100% estrus female cats will sooner or later develop estrus peeing on the bed marking behaviour.

3. Don't like the current cat litter box.
Cats are spotless animals. If you do not clean up their cat litter for a long time, they will also find new places to excrete. If there is more than one cat in the house, it is best to prepare more than one litter box for the cats to use.

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